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The Importance Of Warming Up

Well November is already upon us and Halloween is out of the way – where has the time gone?! If the weather last week was anything to go by (brrr!), Winter is well and truly on it’s way. We’re sure you’ve been told that warming up before a workout is important, but this is particularly so if the weather is cold outside.

Why Should I Warm Up?

Warming up before a workout increases your heart rate, body temperature, and blood flow to the muscles. This helps to naturally shift your body’s focus to exercising – limiting the likelihood of cramp for example.

A good warm up can also help to reduce soreness and the likelihood of picking up an injury during your workout. Make sure to mobilise your joints during your warm up, again this helps to shift your body’s focus and physical range of motion to reduce the amount of stress put on your body during a workout. In short this reduces the likelihood of injury or pulling a muscle.

How Can I Warm Up Effectively?

There are a number of ways to warm up effectively before a workout. You’ve likely heard of the various stretches you can perform which are great to do. However there are more active ways you can warm up and these are a few we like:

  • 5 minutes on the rower.
  • 5 minutes on the bike.
  • 5 minutes pushing the TANK on L1.
  • Arm swings.
  • Squats.
  • Stair Walks.

For an effective warm up you should be aiming to do around 5 – 10 minutes at most, and remember it’s just a warm up – you don’t want to spoil the main course!

Get in, get active & get results!

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