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Beginners Guide to Starting the Gym…

Our residential nutrition expert, Georgia, is always giving her advice and guidance on certain topics over on our Facebook Page. She’s regularly giving the low down on particular diets and their effects on the body & fitness, and we’re keeping all the writings here on our website for you to refer to when necessary!

Check out what she has to say below…

Implementing exercise into your life has been proven to have several benefits to both physical and mental health. However, it involves a lot of determination and motivation to start, and continue.

Why should I exercise?
Exercise, paired with a balanced diet can help our bodies function to optimum efficiency. Being physically active can be used to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. It can be used to gain and maintain muscle mass and help maintain or decrease the risk of developing chronic disease. It can also help with mental health as exercise has been shown to boost mood, improve mental wellbeing, aid sleep and increase energy levels.

How do I start?
-Firstly it is important to identify and report any injuries or illnesses which may prevent certain moves/exercises. Any you are not able to do can often be replaced with another type or style of workout.
-Next you will need to plan and set realistic goals. Start small and work up, this could be in terms of how often you exercise, how much weight you lift, how far you run etc. Hitting those goals and setting new challenges helps to keep you motivated!
-Make exercise a habit. Set the goal and stick to your routine as best as possible, to maintain an exercise routine it needs to become a regular habit. Schedule a time which is easy to stick to such as finding an exercise class straight after work!

How often should I workout?
The recommended amount is 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise and 2 strength training sessions per week. This could be spilt into 30minutes 5 days per week, you can incorporate strength and endurance in one session and modify intensity levels to suit how you feel that day! When starting out, you should start slow and build up time spent exercising to prevent burnout.

Our top tips!
-Stay hydrated
-Eat a balanced diet rich good sources of all macronutrients (carbs, fats, proteins)
-Warm up before exercising and cool down when finished to prevent injury
-Listen to your body, don’t overdo it but make sure you feel like you’ve raised your heart rate and had a good workout.

How to stay motivated
It can be difficult staying motivated for several reasons- if the weathers bad, if you aren’t seeing results or if you just can’t be bothered! This is why you should find something you enjoy doing and want to get up and go for! Sometime accountability is a way to keep motivated, for example, joining a class, finding a gym buddy or having a personal trainer.
It can be beneficial to keep a track of progress, so take body measurements, monitor how clothes fit, track how much you are lifting or how quickly you can do that 5k!

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