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Weight Loss & Alcohol

Our residential nutrition expert, Georgia, is always giving her advice and guidance on certain topics over on our Facebook Page. She’s regularly giving the low down on particular diets and their effects on the body & fitness, and we’re keeping all the writings here on our website for you to refer to when necessary!

Check out what she has to say below…

It can be easy to forget that alcohol consumption should be added to our calorie goals, especially as it can be hard to estimate the number when its not added to the bottle/pint glass!

However it is important to remember that beer, wine and spirits all contain (sometimes a lot of) calories, in fact they contain more calories per gram than protein and carbs!

Ever noticed that you also crave those cheesy chips after a night of drinking? Alcohol can be an appetite stimulant, with most of us going on the hunt for greasy foods after a night out!

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, making sure we don’t restrict ourselves and enjoy life without being imprisoned by our diet is important. However if you are noticing that you aren’t losing or even putting on weight, it might be worth cutting down on the amount of alcohol you drink and follow these tips:

  • Drink water or a low calorie soft drink after each alcoholic drink – this helps to keep you hydrated as alcohol is a diuretic, helping to avoid a hangover so you can make it to the gym the next day!
  • Opt for low calorie mixers with spirit – also when making your own drink, try to measure out the spirit to avoid adding extra calories.
  • If you’re drinking white wine, maybe try adding some soda water or diet lemonade = larger glass so will take longer to drink!
  • Make sure to eat a decent meal before you go out with all the macronutrients (carbs, fats, protein) like mum says it will line your stomach and help to curb those post drink munchies!

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