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Clean Eating, Another Diet Fad?

Our residential nutrition expert, Georgia, is always giving her advice and guidance on certain topics over on our Facebook Page. She’s regularly giving the low down on particular diets and their effects on the body & fitness, and we’re keeping all the writings here on our website for you to refer to when necessary!

Check out what she has to say below…

Clean eating or the intention of eating as close to natural as possible – such as eating non processed, home cooked, “clean” ingredients can help us to think deeper about the food and ingredients we put into our bodies, encouraging a healthier lifestyle BUT is there a darker demeanour to this notion?

Not only can this diet be seen as elitist because it disregards the access to food, time and money, but it can also instil negative thoughts around food and has the potential to adversely impact health.

Food guilt – categorising foods/drinks with a good or bad status can make us feel ashamed and could lead to us punishing ourselves as a result.

In fact some of these “superfoods” are a myth created by the food industry to make £££. For example, agave is still sugar, just in a different form and coconut oil is mainly saturated fat!

The Take Home Message:

You don’t have to label your food choices and buy expensive ingredients to have a healthy diet! A balanced diet high in fruit, veg, wholegrains, good animal or veg protein sources and legumes (beans, lentils, seeds etc) is enough to support a healthy lifestyle.

Removing food groups like carbs or fats can deprive us of essential nutrients and put our health at risk.

And remember, frozen and tinned veg, beans and grains hold nutritional value and cost a lot less!

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