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As part of your gym membership with us, you are able to train in our gym on ANY DAY and at ANY TIME it is open. There’ll always be a member of staff on hand to help you out if needs be!


You’ll also have access to a variety of classes that we run, here at the MT3 Health & Performance Lab, throughout the whole week! With a RANGE OF CLASSES being run at EASILY-ACCESSIBLE TIMES of the day, there’s sure to be something that piques your interest!


As a member at MT3 Fitness, you’ll have access to all of our TOP QUALITY EQUIPMENT – the VERY BEST for functional training as well as strength & conditioning! As a UK distributor of high quality gym equipment, you will ALWAYS find the best tools on hand within our facility to help you achieve your fitness goals!


Just wanted to say a huge thank you, for another great PT session Mark, I haven’t felt so confident or comfortable attending the gym for so many years and so many times I’ve just paid gym memberships without attending, but I’m really enjoying my sessions at MT3. Hopefully I’ll be strong enough to attend the classes soon. Thank you.

MT3 Fitness Member